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Research Emphasis

(1) Artificial Joints: anatomical analysis, materials, design, interfacial analysis, and clinical analysis specifically for ethnic Chinese. 
(2) Artificial Implants: material and mechanical studies of various implants.
(3) Histomorphology: histopathology of bone diseases and fractures, and histomorphological changes from implants 
(4) Spinal Mechanics: mechanics of spinal joints, muscle cartilage 
(5) Sports Injuries: prevention and therapy of various sports injuries
(6) Pediatric Orthopedics: fractures in children, congenital deformation and correction, and growth/development 
(7) Joint Functions: hip, knee and glenohumeral joints 
(8) Gait Analysis: nervous system diseases after replacement of artificial joints on patients or congenital deformation 
(9) Imaging Analysis: computer image analysis and research on orthopedic images
(10) Clinical Analysis and Research