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Wrist and Peripheral Nerves Surgery

The Division of Wrist and Peripheral Nerves Surgery serves to treat traumas and injuries related to wrist and peripheral nerves. In addition to its application of the latest technologies to diagnosis and therapy, it has developed a multitude of new techniques for fracture reduction and bone grafting/transplantation.
Meanwhile, as the concept of minimally invasive surgery has developed, the division has invented its own surgical techniques that result in the smallest incisions in the treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. Over the past three years, the division has seen an accumulation of nearly 1000 clinical cases treated with these technologies. These surgical cases have been frequently reported and analyzed in relevant papers by the faulty of the division, which have been recognized as the best theses in Taiwan and published in internationally prestigious surgery journals. The division takes great pride in the development of its world-class surgical technologies.