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Welcome to the Department of Orthopedics

Welcome to the Department of Orthopedics
With the years 2000 to 2010 designated by the World Health Organization as the Bone and Joint Decade, it is the optimal time for you to take interest in the discipline of orthopedics.
The Department of Orthopedics at National Cheng Kung University Hospital (hereinafter NCKUH) has consolidated its place in southern Taiwan as a leading institute of orthopedics with world-class research and clinical service since its establishment in 1988. As the department is mainly intended to treat bone and muscle diseases, its operation and service are closely related to the research and development of biological mechanics, biomaterials and interior implantation, which are being investigated on campus at the engineering-originated National Cheng Kung University. In terms of clinical performance, research and teaching, the department is no less outstanding than its counterpart at National Taiwan University Hospital.
For instance, considering its subspecialties, the department plays a leading role in Taiwan and enjoys a worldwide reputation. Moreover, several professors in the department are at the height of their profession, and have demonstrated immense creativity with regard to clinical services, research and teaching. It is certain that they can expect a promising and productive future in the department.
As far as its staff are concerned, the Department of Orthopedics maintains a desirable working environment with the lowest number of resignations at NCKUH. In the following three to four years, the department will continue to recruit into its staff the young elites of orthopedics, who are expected to develop personally and professionally over the next decade. More importantly, as the university hospital is expanding its scale of operation with its top priority of medical service given to the treatment of “urgent, heavy, difficult and rare” diseases, the department expects its role at NCKUH to become increasingly significant and its staff to be gradually enlarged.
Orthopedics is the scientific study of the supportive and athletic functions of human body and limbs. As a common saying goes, “Life is motion, motion is life.” Hence, orthopedics can also be regarded as a kind of life science in the discipline of medicine, one that is the most interesting and intimate to human lives, with a special focus on recreational activities, ageing and deformation.
Physically speaking, orthopedics covers the structures of the limbs and spine, composed of bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, joints and nerves. Orthopedics can be classified into subspecialties, including general orthopedics (tumor, pain from degradation, inflected fracture), sports medicine, spinal surgery, pediatric orthopedics, hand surgery, biomechanics and ergonomics. Every aspect of orthopedics is closely related to the current development of biomedical engineering, which is unique, interesting and full of challenges.
The physical diseases addressed in the clinical therapy of orthopedics are common problems in life for people all over the world. An orthopedic physician takes up a profession in which s/he can administer a medical treatment like a physician in internal medicine, undertake a physical therapy as a physician of rehabilitation, or perform an operation as a surgeon. It is a lifelong career one can look forward to. If you join us as a young ambitious physician, you will be able to perform professionally like an engineer of physical rehabilitation, a designer of athletic functions, a magician of pain relief in a clinic, an artist of surgery at a medical center, or a model of medical education.
To medical college graduates who aspire to apply for the post as a resident physician at NCKUHO: 
NCKUHO is an abbreviation for National Cheng Kung University Orthopedics. We welcome all young novices of clinical practices to consider joining us.
NCKUHO has a high quality teaching faculty, of which five professors act in the capacity of chairmanship of their respective subspecialty in Taiwan while several professors are assigned administrative posts in international associations.
The Department of Orthopedics is interesting for both its knowledge and diversified technology. As our past record shows, all the resident physicians of the department have passed the specialty examination to be certified physicians of orthopedics, who can choose to move forward on the tracks of academia and surgery, or move into an individual clinic. More importantly, the department offers a family environment in which everybody is able to grow in a warm atmosphere. This can be evidenced by the fact that many alumni who have passed the specialty examination and are developing their medical careers as certified physicians always come back happily for the NCKUHO reunion, which is held twice per year.
Of course, a resident physician in the department must study (as in other departments), learn to perform operations (in order to be a master in the operating room), work on shifts (unable to sleep and wake naturally), and learn how to be a good doctor (remember the seven nuclear principles of medical education). All of these elements will come together to ensure the sustainable development of your medical career.
Life is made beautiful by dreams, which should then be practically fulfilled.
To this end, we sincerely welcome you to join us.
Mark Chii-Jeng Lin
Chair and Professor of the Department of Orthopedics